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Fundraising Gift Certificates

Glazed Doughnuts supports local organizations by allowing them to purchase Specialty Dozen Gift Certificates in bulk at a discount.  Organizations resell those certificates at face value and keep the difference. The best way to handle this type of fundraising is to take orders in advance and have people prepay for the certificates at an event such as a PTA meeting, school registration or booster club activity. The coordinator would then be responsible for making the certificate purchase and delivering the certificates. (Alternatively, you could buy the certificates in advance and simply sell them at an event, but that option requires committing funds up front).


Your organization sells pre-orders to collect $1700 for gift certificates. You place your order with Glazed a week in advance, then come in and purchase your certificates for just $1360.  Your organization distributes the certificates and pockets the difference of $340.

What types of organizations are eligible to benefit from a Glazed Gift Certificate Fundraiser?

Any qualified youth-serving nonprofit organization can benefit from the program.

What type of documentation is needed to prove nonprofit status?

Proof of nonprofit status can be:

  • A copy of the IRS notice acknowledging you as a 501(c)3 organization

  • A letter of determination from your state recognizing you as a nonprofit organization

How does a Glazed Gift Certificate Fundraiser work?

Qualifying organizations may purchase Specialty Dozen Gift Certificates ($17 value) from Glazed at a discount.  Certificates come in books of 10. Certificates are sold to the organizations at a discount of 20% for purchases over $1,000 and 15% for total purchases from $500 to $999. The fundraising groups then sell the purchased certificates at face value, keeping the remaining profits.

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